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JOBY – Smart Stabilizer for Mobile Phones – Black


Create professional-quality visual content with this JOBY Smart Stabilizer. The compact, lightweight design is ideal for on-the-go filming, while the three-axis stabilization system ensures shake-free videos. This JOBY Smart Stabilizer supports phones in landscape and portrait modes for versatile shooting options, and the downloadable app supports remote control via iOS and Android devices.


Compatible with most smartphones with widths up to 3.3″

For use with your existing device.

Three-axis stabilization system

Allows for smooth shake-free videos, selecting among pan, lock, following features and auto rotation.

7″ extendable telescopic handle

Enables ideal selfie framing and group pictures.

Portrait and landscape modes

Let you automatically change the orientation of the phone using the gimbal function button or manually repositioning the phone clamp.

Gimbal buttons

Effortlessly and quickly control axis rotation, mode selection, and a smartphone camera.

Compact and lightweight construction

Perfect for vloggers and content creators who need an easy-to-carry gimbal for their phone.

Smart Stabilizer app

Available for both iOS and Android devices, allows face/object tracking, dynamic time lapses, and other creative functions.

Built-in 1300 mAh battery

Operates for up to 10 hours. You can opt to charge the phone through the gimbal using the included cable.