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myCharge – HUB Turbo 6700 mAh Portable Charger for Most Mobile Devices – Gray


Pack extra power for your portable mobile devices with this myCharge HUB Turbo power pack. The 6700 mAh rechargeable battery provides ample power for use while on the go, while the built-in USB port ensures seamless recharging. This myCharge HUB Turbo power pack has a four-light LED battery indicator that shows the charge status.


Compatible with most chargeable devices

Including a wide array of cell phones, tablets, and MP3 players for versatile use.

6700 mAh rechargeable battery pack

Lets you recharge your device so you can talk, text, and surf longer when you’re out and about.

Powers up to three devices at once

Complete with an Apple Lightning charging cable, USB Type-C charging cable, and USB Type-A port, it lets you charge two phones via the built-in cables and connect an extra cable to the USB port for the ability to power three smartphones at the same time.

Up to 18W output

Enables rapid charging.

Easy and quick power bank recharge

Built-in wall prongs are truly the nexus of speed and ease. Recharging is easy, just plug the device into the wall.

Four-light LED battery indicator

Provides at-a-glance battery information.

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